Hobbies and Leisure

Posted by: | Posted on: December 16, 2017

I love hobbies. Everyone loves hobbies! That’s because everyone has a hobby or multiple hobbies. Hobbies are most often talked about in terms of what pastimes people like to do. In my opinion, I also include in that category some pastimes I would like to do even in the future. For example, I want to paint.

Bob Ross, the famous painter, is making me want to take up the brush. Ross’s videos are all on Netflix and other streaming platforms. The great part about painters like Bob Ross is that they are also teachers. We can learn from them. Bob Ross died years ago, but his teachings live on. There is an official Bob Ross website, which sells DVDs, paintbrushes, paints, and other materials. I know that one day, I will make painting my hobby. And I will model my work on Bob Ross’s techniques.

Another hobby I want to take up is gardening. I’m more interested in eating what I grow, instead of only looking at plants or flowers. However, I would probably experiment with different things. I want to grow carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and herbs. I’m sure, once I get started, I’ll want to grow additional things.

Hobbies are part of the joy of life. It’s recommended that everyone have a healthy hobby. There are numerous websites and magazines about hobbies. One might wonder what type of hobbies are out there. Well, I would tell them to go to the library! There are books there about hobbies most people don’t even know exist. I suppose leaning the existence of a certain hobby is the first step. The second would be to choose one that the person would like to try.

If we work hard we should play hard. Get a hobby and learn to enjoy some leisure time. It’s well deserved!