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My Experiences Traveling in Australia

Of all the beautiful and craved places on the earth, Australia is one that’s too good to be missed. Australia is an island continent present in the southern hemisphere and it also happens to be the world’s sixth largest country. It is officially known as The Commonwealth of Australia. Here are some things I learned about the country on my visit to Australia.

Lying between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia is one hell of a picturesque. The Australian continent is a combination of 3 countries, namely the country of Australia by the same name, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Australia’s capital is Canberra and its largest urban area is Sydney which in other words can be said to be the most happening place in all of Australia.

Like many countries in the world, it also claims English to be its national language. The citizens of Australia are called Australians or Aussie, which is kind of cool, isn’t it? Australia currently enjoys a prestigious second position in Human Development Index globally and it didn’t come as a surprise to me that this country ranks high in quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, civil liberties and political rights. That definitely makes this country a destination well fit for both touring and living.

Australia has always been in the limelight for its friendly ties with the United States of America because both of them agree on the importance of individual freedom of citizens in ensuring a sound future for the country. Even the people of the former share certain attributes with that of the later like indulging in mirth and blissful activities and of course, cracking a chilled beer whenever you get a chance.

Yet differences exist, like Americans are more patriotic by nature whereas Australians show more commitment towards their mates. Americans believe and show confidence in their political institutions whereas Australians revert to skepticism when it comes to supporting their political leaders.

Although Australia is now a home of the happy, its history has not been a pleasant one. When the British first arrived and claimed the land, riots broke out between the British and the indigenous people who were native to Australia and this resulted in killings of thousands of the indigenous which heart was shattering.

Even now, the people of Australia find it difficult to comprehend their history, let alone celebrate it. And they can’t be blamed for any of it. Overcoming that horrifying past and still ending up as an independent powerful nation is a stunt in itself which needs to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Australia’s own natural resources and tourism have a lion’s share in strengthening its economy. It has beautiful tourist destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, the iconic Sydney Opera House, a befitting combination of the blue sky and the Blue Mountains and many more of these than meets the eye.

Since the 20th century, American popular culture has helped shape a distinctive Australian culture through their TV shows and cinemas. It is undoubtedly rich in art, especially rock art. It may not be an ideal country for many of you but its journey from a land of bloodshed to that of a beautiful one distills it from the rest of the world.

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Take a Break

Life can get busy at times. The busiest period is arguably when someone is in their 30s and 40s. This is due to a number of circumstances.

One is that many people tend to get married during these years. Marriage, most times, brings children. With children, a large number of responsibilities are added to the daily schedule. This is true for both the father and the mother. Extra laundry, cooking extra food, and shopping for extra things take time.

Another reason people are busiest during these years is career progression. During these years, the worker moves towards their greatest potential. That means they will be busier perhaps than when they were in their early 20s.

Take these two circumstances together. What you will find are many responsibilities and duties. There is one thing which will be difficult to find. That would be time! But how can one find time with such a busy life? The only way to find time is to make it.

I literally have to use a calendar to make time for activities and leisure. But I’m happy because it works. I know that what activity I have on any certain day. And I won’t plan anything else during that time.

I use my calendar on my iPhone. The great thing about it is that it reminds me of whatever I have planned. It chimes! I’m sure there are many calendar apps out there. However, I’m happy with the standard one that is basic with the phone.

So, if one has a busy life, the key is to simply make time. If it sounds too good to be true, know that it’s as easy as it sounds. The important part is to stick with the plan. If something comes up, and the activity needs to be moved to another day, be sure to actually move it!

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Travel Preparation

Congratulations! A vacationer has decided to travel to another country. They buy their tickets because of a super sale. The flight departs next week. What a euphoric feeling! Acting such is the true meaning of being an adventurer. It’s spur of the moment actions like that which makes life more fun. Because the tickets are booked, everything should be fine, right?

The next day, the vacationer tells his boss at work about the trip. His boss is fine with it because his company is very flexible. Everything is turning out great. He’s so excited as he tells his co-workers about his trip. What sites will he see? What foods will he eat? Surely, he doesn’t need to do any research because there must be ample restaurants in the city he visits.

Another day passes and the vacationer decides it’s the time to book a hotel for a few nights. He gets on his computer and does research about local hotels. This is where reality begins to set in.

Each hotel he finds is nearly fully booked. Because of this, the price for the hotel has greatly increased. He wasn’t the only one who bought those cheap tickets. But he was one of the last!

The problems continue when the vacationer looks for a nice restaurant. Like the hotels, he finds many restaurants are not currently taking reservations due to being fully booked. Luckily, with research and asking the locals, he is able to find to really great food spots.

If the traveler booked his hotel and restaurant earlier he would have had better choices. This just goes to show that proper preparation is key especially when traveling to a place far away. To learn more about travel preparation, watch the video below. You may learn some tips you’ve never thought of!